Let's rethink music 2017

Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture in 2017, and with "Rethink" as the central theme, the culture of the city is rethinked in various areas. In Aarhus Jazz Orchestra we have adapted this theme into much of our work in 2017, and through innovative and creative projects we are rethinking the role of jazz in the society.

Global Jazz Explorer

As Global Jazz Explorer, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra is drawn towards the borders between different cultures to learn about others as well as ourselves. How can other cultures enrich us and our understanding of music - and vice versa?

The Global Jazz Explorer mindset is expressed in a variety of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra's concert activities during the Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture, and especially in the following four projects:

Global Jazz Explorers Symposium + Youth Camp
At this year's annual Aarhus Jazz Festival, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra assembles big bands from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands for four days of cultural and musical exchange and talent development at Global Jazz Explorers Symposium & Youth Camp in July 2017.

Rosenhøj / Rosenhill
The award winning composer and trumpeter Jakob Buchanan returns to his childhood universe Rosenhøj, a small district in Aarhus, and invites the citizens from the grand appartement blocks into a new and artistic narrative of the area.

Bollywood Beats and Big Band
Western big band tradition is spiced up with Indian notes in this unique piece by Lars Møller. Classical Indian musicians Kala Ramnath and Abhijit Banerjee brings out all new sites to jazz and western classical music together with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and The Danish Sinfonietta. Watch the movie on the right for more information.


Solar Walk
Is it possible to mediate the greatest scientific knowledge of the universe through art? Solar Walk is Aarhus Jazz Orchestra's contribution to the combined project Origins2017 in which four ensembles from Aarhus seeks to express some of the greatest scientific insights through music. In this innovative and collaborate piece, fascinating visuals and compelling texts will join newly composed big band music in the communication of difficult and magnificent material in new and creative ways.